• Unlimited flights
  • Unlimited crew
  • Unlimited airplanes
  • iPhone / iPad


$9.99 / month

Try PRO!
You can try Log ATP PRO for free for the first month. After 30 days, you will be prompted for the subscription to continue the PRO plan.

  • Everything in Basic and:
  • Real Flight Plan
  • Real Flight Track
  • Real Flight Data (Altitudes, Speeds)
  • Airplane Type & Registration (If Available)
  • Actual Block Out, Off, On and In Times (If Available)
With the price less than 2 coffees a month, you are helping the development team to continue work on the app.


The app identifies your flight by 4 parameters:

1. Flight Date (UTC)
2. Flight Number
3. Departure Airport
4. Destination Airport

Then Log ATP queries for your flight plan and flight data from contracted ADS-B service provider.
This depends, but on average it is approximately 30 seconds.
However ADS-B data may not be available for long haul flights because there are no ADS-B receivers in oceanic areas.
The ADS-B data center doesn't have your flight information (Flight is listed as Cancelled)
The PRO data stays with the flight, so even if you decide to cancel the subscription at anytime, you still have access to those flights saved with PRO data.
1. There is a blue tick next to the flight.
2. When you tap on the flight, there are two more tabs: Real Flight Info and Real Track.
You can only get PRO data for flights you have done up to 12 days counted from the day you start the subscription.
1. Make sure Internet is available. Enter Flight Date, Flight Number, Departure Airport, Destination Airport and save.
2. You may close the app. The server will look for your flight data on the cloud 4 times daily at the following times: 0000Z, 0600Z, 1200Z, 1800Z.
3. If the associated PRO data is found, it links to your flight.
Yes, the app will update the flight details automatically.
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