Your Flight Plan

PRO plan
Log ATP will look for your operational flight plan and save together with your flight.

Your Flight Track

PRO plan
The app will look for your flight track and integrate into the app.

Your Flight Data

PRO plan
The app will look for your flight data. Eg. Coordinates, Altitudes and Speeds in different times.

If available, Log ATP will also grab your actual block out, off, on and in times. So don't worry about forgetting to write down the times.

App Features

Here are other features provided by Log ATP.
The app is designed to comply with Apple's Human Interface Guideline and can be installed on an iPhone or iPad, the screen adjusts itself to fit perfectly.
Light and Dark Themes
The app supports both light and dark theme in iOS, adjust the theme as necessary for best cockpit reading.
Aviation Weather
Log ATP provides FREE METAR and TAF reports. You can view the latest weather information before the flight.
Cloud Backup
The flights are saved locally on your device, and on Log ATP's cloud. So don't worry about losing your data.
App provides various charts include hours by months and years, total visits to an airport...etc.
You can export your flight log to PDF document and print it out.
iOS Widget
App supports iOS Widgets, both on iPhone and iPad. The widget is available in 3 different sizes showing your latest flight statistics.
App shows the great circles between any two airports that you have flown. A good view of your total routes.
Airport View
You can look at an airport using top-down view, and zoom if necessary to get closer details.

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