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Log ATP app allows you to save your flight logs digitally and never lose your data again!
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Why Log ATP?

Focused on UX
Using state of the art interface design and latest technology to ensure the best user experience with the app.
Lightning Speed
The server is built on AWS known for its security and lightning performance.
Cloud Backup
All your flight logs are saved both locally on your device and the server, you won't lose your data again.

Feature Highlights


Total flight hours, number of flights, takeoffs and landings from a quick glance.

Data Analysis

Graphical analysis for your flights, include total hours for every month and year, number of airports visited, total visits of an airport...etc.

Map View

The app provides the map view for the routes you have flown, each route is connected with a great circle.


You will be able to export your logs to different logbook styles in PDF format.

Flights Logged